Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of the curriculum and is planned and prepared alongside all other programs of learning and a valuable part of schooling. It allows for the practicing, extending and consolidation of work done in class. Homework provides training for students in planing and organizing time and develops a range of skills in identifying and using information sources. Additionally it establishes habits of study, concentration and self-discipline.Each marking period, all students start out with a test score of 100 for homework and preparedness. points are deducted as follows; I use a clipboard with a copy of the class list to track student's scores. Absent students are given back a full 5 points once assignments have been made up. ( As teacher instructions). If a student does not have the assignment in class when it is due, 5 points are deducted; 2 points are given back when the student shows me the assigments ( at lunch). As a general rule, students may not show late assigments or missed during class. There simply is not enough time

Grading policy

In accordance with the"VOLANTE SUPLEMENTORIO REGLAMENTO GENERAL DE ESTUDIANTES DEL SISTEMA DE EDUCACION PUBLICA DE PUERTO RICO QUE DEROGA EL REGLAMAENTO NUMERO 5364 DE 17 DE ENERO DE 1996", The student has the right to that him be granted the oportunity to replace exams or special projects when illness, extracurricular activities, and another cause justified, whenever communicate the teacher the reason of his absence, according to the disposition of the Article IV, Clause C and request the reinstatement of the exam or special project to the teacher that correspond, before its return to the school.
The teacher will assign the date of reinstatement inside the next five(5) working days from the request of the student. If the teacher does not fullfill this duty or is absent, the student will be able to be communicated with the School Director for the reinstatement of the exam or special projects. If the student, neverthless, is offered the oportunity, and he or she has the following five working days to complete the missing assigment, test, orspecial project.


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